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The Route (this approximate schedule is subject to change)


Arrive: Parking lot at 150 S.Henry St, Delaware 43015 - corner of Henry & Harrison. 


Leg One: "Scioto Sprint" (29 miles) - Ending at the Marion Tallgrass Trailhead


Leg Two: "Hannibal" (17 miles) - Ending at the Daughmer Prairie State Preserve


Leg Three: "Huckleberry" (13 miles) - Ending at the Plankton Methodist Church for lunch


Leg Four: "Republic" (16 miles- Ending at the Republic Micky Mart


Leg Five: "Hämmer Drop" (27 miles) ending at the Margaretta Twp Fire Department


Leg Six: "The Horn" (17 miles) ending at the Marblehead Lighthouse


Finish line (3 miles away from the lighthouse), arrive at Lakeside East Gate

NOTE:  Approximate times include include rest breaks, lunch and buffers for possible mechanical issues

Once outside of Delaware, the route continues through tree-lined, streets along the river into Propect and then Green Camp.  We will bike through gentle hills and farmland the first rest stop st the end of the Marion Tallgrass Trail.  In the past, we have let riders split up into a "fast group" and "pace group."  Due to safety concerns, the fast group will not be an option this year - we are staying in one group the entire route.

Following a ten minute break*, we will be police-escorted along busier, two-lane roads most of the way to the second break area. After a ten minutes, we will be leaving on semi-busy, two-lane roads into the thriving village of Plankton. 

After a twenty-five minute lunch in Plankton, we will be on semi-busy, two-lane roads to Republic.** After another ten minute break, we will leave for Castalia along the same semi-busy roads.  This leg is nicknamed "Hammer Drop" because it is the most difficult section of the ride. It is hot, possibly windy, and tedious.  Be ready for it.  

Once in Castalia, we will have a 10-20 minute break and receive a safety briefing before crossing the Sandusky Bay Bridge - it's on a major, four-lane highway.  We will enjoy our last police escort as we carefully ride this busy, four-mile stretch. It is exceptional that we have received permission and support from law enforcement to use the highway - otherwise it would be thirty more miles around the bay!

After exiting the highway, we will enjoy quiet roads as we bike the perimeter ("around the horn" as the locals say) of the Marblehead Peninsula on relatively quiet roads.  Our last, brief stop is at the picturesque lighthouse before heading to the east gate of Lakeside!





































































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*All breaks/rest stops will feature drinks, snacks, and facilities - as with lunch, everything is covered with the entry fee
**The rear of the peloton will be protected by a SAG wagon as a safety measure throughout the entire trip

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